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French Translation

Document Translation

Translation of documents from British English or American English into French. These documents can include academic articles, books, teaching materials, tourism information, letters, forms and much more. No document is too small or too big. You can ask for a one-off French translation service or an ongoing French translation service, whatever suits your needs and requirements.

Website Translation

Professional website translation services for businesses, companies and organisations wanting to reach potential customers from France and other French-speaking countries. A website is your online shop front which means that quality and professionalism are very important. Google translate is not the right tool to achieve a high quality translation that will attract many potential customers.

Marketing Translation

Translation from English into French of brochures, presentations, proposals, leaflets, contracts, technical documents, blogs, Newsletters, magazines, SEO content and more. This French translation service can help a company or organisation open up into the French market or individuals wanting to promote their business whether it is a holiday house or a shop.

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French Proofreading

Document Proofreading

Proofreading and editing of documents written in French or translated from English into French. Grammar, word choice, spelling, textual inconsistencies and punctuation will be checked to ensure that the document sounds French and is of high quality. If the document has been translated, I will also check the French text against the English text to make sure there are no mistakes, omissions or additions.

Website and Marketing Material Proofreading

Proofreading and editing of websites and marketing documents written in French or translated from English into French. This service will ensure that the content of your website or marketing and promotional document is free from spelling and punctuation mistakes, textual inconsistencies and grammatical errors, is presented in a professional way and is engaging throughout.

Dissertation and Essay Proofreading

Proofreading of essays or dissertations written in French. This service will ensure that your work is free from spelling and punctuation mistakes, textual inconsistencies and grammatical errors. I will also check the choice of words, the consistency of verb tenses, the presentation and layout. Furthermore, I will give you suggestions and explanations that are relevant to you whether French is your first or second language.

French Translatation service for expats
Our Services

Expats Translations

Moving to France can include many challenges like the language barrier and the mindboggling bureaucracy that can be overwhelming and tiring. You might have forms, letters, documents that need to be translated into French or you might need a French native to give a phone call or send an email on your behalf. This translation service will be tailored to your needs and circumstances to help you make a success of your relocation to France.

Work Process

  • 01

    Translation Quotation

    When I receive the text to be translated or proofread, I generally calculate the cost according to the number of words, the topic and the deadline given. I carefully examine the document in order to give you an accurate quotation.

  • 02

    Source Text

    When starting on the project, I thoroughly read the document to grasp the tone and general intent. I also research any technical terms or expressions to ensure a high level of accuracy.

  • 03

    Translation Draft

    I proceed with the French translation using SDL Trados Studio to ensure consistency in the terminology. If I have any questions or comments about an expression in the text, I get in touch with you to make sure nothing is lost in translation.

  • 04

    Text Verfication

    I carefully review the document to correct any mistake or omission. Depending on the subject and the length of the document, this verification might be performed several times.

  • 05

    Quality Check

    A last check is always essential to ensure the delivery of a high quality translation.

  • 06

    Translation Delivery

    Within the agreed deadline, you will receive your document fully translated and proofread.

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Zaza Translations

Bonjour! My name is Isabelle and I am a freelance French translator living in the UK. As a French native and having studied in France, I have been working in the English to French language pair both translating and proofreading professionally since 2010. I have been working for agencies, businesses and individuals in the UK, in France, in America and many other countries. This work has included translating and proofreading a wide range of websites and documents as well as helping many students with their dissertations or essays. Please contact me to request a quotation for your documents or website that needs to be translated or proofread!

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